Team that we must create:


We search trought this web site some partners and people to help go on this project! People with basic skils in:
(note: script is allready exist created by me).

1) Directors: people with directors knowledge (is not nessecary professionals but to have some basic skils).

2) People who knows about movie montage.

3) About letters editing.

4) Sound enginneers.

5) Musicians (also not nessecary to be proffecioanals-just basic skils) who want to write music parts and trailer music about the movie.
And when finally gather the team will be online communications and some meetings id particular days to talk about the way that the movie professed!
But before this happened I mean to start think how the shooting will start when the team is complete, we must send this idea and the link with the web page to miss turunen and Mr cabuli to take their permission and then we can start working!
I say again that this is something we create based for our love of tarja and they will not be awards and payments!
Of course all the names of the team with their links to their pages and emails will be include in Tarja Movie Storm!

Thank you for your time to read this!

Greetings from administrator of "Tarja Movie Storm".
Vasilis Saroglou.