VASILIS SAROGLOU is the creator of this project. You can read here some things about him and his artist works.

I  am artist as you see in my profile interests. I have take part in 3 art exhibitions until now.
I make one online comic for band Arch Enemy (you can see it in official my space of Angela Gossow site  in oldest entries of her blog area,  or in my deviant art profile (in my gallery the folder with name "Dead eyes see no future digital comic" .
I create one digital comic story with tittle  "The Journey" for the singer Tarja Turunen (ex-nightwish singer, here in TARJA Movie Storm in photos area you can see Tarja holding in her hands my comic creation) also I have write concepts for comic stories and some small collection of poems. I have win 3 art awards (you can see them in my blog area in MySpace page) for painting
I take part in 2 art exhibitions of Greek comic team"Inkorrekt", also in past i take lessons from professor in school of digital photography and  I like to write comic concepts and stories too.
If you want to see where can you find my artworks just look my blog area.
"As all the artist I am also sensitive but when he needs! sensitivity is good but also can destroyed you. justice,peace,and wisdom is key words to subscript my self. i love also music,and reading books with meaning. I believe arts is the gift from god to man to unlock what is inside in Pandora's box (world as himself) my tag line is:rule like king but first of all be a man".

Here is the links to from my art pages to see:
1)in deviant art:

2)my space page(in blog area section)